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Dumpster rental in Northern Virginia is not only a good idea but often a necessity, especially for residential remodeling projects. Home renovation will leave you with debris from bathroom, kitchen and basement remodels, scraps from demolition, garage cleaning, old carpet, and even scrap wood and shingles from deck removal or roof replacements. You might just be doing some light construction, but even that has debris that would fit better in a roll-off canister.


What seems like a small job can turn into a big one (bigger than your regular trash can) if you don’t properly prepare. Even a good spring-cleaning could mean a fair amount of household junk. There are many types of waste that cannot be disposed of by your normal waste removal company.

How much does it cost to rent a dumpster?


How Is Price Determined for Your Dumpster Rental?

As with any rental, there are several factors that go into determining dumpster rental cost. Understanding how these variables impact the final price of your rental will help you to decide what is best for your upcoming project and to budget effectively. The following are some of the major factors that affect cost.

Size of the Rental Unit

Transporting larger containers (before and after rental) demands more work. A larger dumpster will help you get more done by holding more waste. Of course, it will cost more than smaller options.

Landfill Fees

Be it junk removal, construction debirs or plain old garbage, different cities charge more than others for dumping waste material at landfill sites located in their jurisdiction. A dumping fee that one municipality charges may be more than in another municipality. This charge is considered when calculating debris container rental fees.

Transportation Cost

Ever had a car towed? Distance matters when it comes to price and its not much different for dumpster rental and transport. Transportation costs vary according to travel time. The further you are located from a landfill or recycling center, the more transport can affect the price of your rental.

Type of Debris

General residential waste material is significantly lighter than construction debris. For this reason, it can cost more for construction waste disposal. Also, please read our Prohibited Items page.

2019 National Average costs for roll-off dumpster rentals

Cost is clearly a consideration when it comes to roll off dumpsters in Fairfax and surrounding areas. Currently, average dumpster rental prices range between $220 to $780 per week. Typically, $363 per week is the average most remodelers can expect. Take a look at the scope of your project and expected amount of refuse you will produce from it on a weekly basis and go from there.

Small Jobs

Half bath remodels, basement / attic / garage cleanouts, flooring renovations

How To Choose The Best Size for Your Roll Off Dumpster

Before finalizing your rental, its good to cover all the bases on what you will use it for. Make a list of projects and estimated materials you will need to dispose of. It can be surprising how much waste is produced in a renovation, for example. You might even want to upgrade to the next size up from what you initially planned so that you can knock out an extra small project or two.

Generally, there are four roll-off dumpster sizes for your trash container rental; 10 yards, 20 yards, 30 yards, and 40 yards. Each is best suited for different project sizes.


10 Yard Canister

Designed to hold 10 cubic yards of waste. It is best for smaller projects such as:

  • Garage cleanup and basement or attic debris

  • Disposal of up to two hundred and fifty square feet of decking materials

  • Disposal of up to one thousand and five hundred square feet of roof shingles

20 Yard Canister

This container is the second smallest available and is designed for slightly larger
projects such as:

  • Larger basement, attic or garage (2 cars+) debris removal

  • Removal of flooring and carpet in mid-size homes (2K square feet+)

  • Removal of decking between three and four hundred square feet (multiple large posts
    may require a larger container)

  • Removal of roof shingles between two and three thousand square feet


30 Yard Canister

Designed for waste removal in substantial renovation projects:

  • Major home additions and major remodels

  • Garage and/or additional structure demolition


40 Yard Canister

This container is the largest available and designed for commercial grade projects:

  • Commercial structure roofing removal

  • Business and office space clean out

  • Substantial size additions to larger homes and/or commercial structures

While we do our best to provide descriptions of project sizes to guide your decision of what size dumpster is best for your situation, it is best to call with any questions or concerns you might have. We can serve you better when we know your individual need.


Now that you have found the most affordable dumpster rental in Alexandria and in Northern Virginia, we’d like to offer a few more helpful hints. Whether you are putting in a new deck or disposing of drywall, concrete, brick or other construction materials, we think you’ll find this advice quite helpful. We certainly do!


1. Check with us BEFORE putting the following items in your rented roll-off container:

  • Ovens, refrigerators, freezers

  • Mattresses

  • ANY oil or paint cans

  • Antifreeze or gasoline

  • Natural gas or propane

  • Batteries

  • Grease or food waste


2. Be sure to get the proper size canister for your project. CALL US so we can help!


3. Do not place any non-waste materials near to, behind, or on the canister.


4. Arrange to have the container placed in an area that is easy to access for waste disposal as well as container pickup when you are finished.


5. Do not overfill the canister. This would mean watching the ‘fill line’. When in doubt, call us or go up a size BEFORE finalizing your rental.

6. Pests and animals love messy dumpsters, but we don’t! To keep them away, be sure to clean around the canister for the entire time of your rental.

7. Be sure to check with your local municipal office before having the dumpster delivered. If you will need to place the container near a home or on the road, for example, you may need (a usually easily obtained) permit. Always better to check first.


Speaking of which, measuring first is a great idea too! Measure twice, order once!

Who do we service?

Currently, we serve Alexandria, VA and all over northern Virginia, especially Fairfax and Arlington Counties. 





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